Formation of binary black holes through chemically homogeneous evolution and their gravitational-wave detectability

We make the full output of our simulations of binary black hole mergers through chemically homogeneous evolution available to the community, in order to allow further comparisons with current and future data and with simulations of other channels. These simulations are free to use; we ask only that that the following two papers are cited when the data are used for publication:

The details of the models below are described in the papers. For each model, we provide three files with all simulated merging binaries, binaries detectable at design aLIGO sensitivity, and binaries detectable at the sensitivity of the O1 science run. Matlab data files (readable with Matlab's load() or Python's ) are linked below; please contact us for other file formats.

The attached README contains information on the contents of the data files and basic instructions for accessing the data.

Selma de Mink & Ilya Mandel, March 7, 2016

Model Mergers Detectable@design Detectable@O1
Default file file file
PoorMixing file file file
Zmin0.002 file file file
Zmin0.008 file file file
ConstA file file file
HalvedA file file file
Mdot2ConstA file file file
Mdot0.2 file file file
PISN80 file file file
Dex0.5 file file file